Current projects (selection)ΒΆ

PCRaster project. link

Global Geo Health Data Centre. Development of a web services for individual exposures to environmental variables. In cooperation with University Medical Centre Utrecht, Julius Center, Department Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Utrecht University, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University, and partners in Healthy Urban Living

Fieldwork Education Innovation project. Development of e-learning methods for fieldwork. link

Data-intensive modeling of the global water cycle: bringing the 4th paradigm to hydrology. Project in cooperation with the Netherlands eScience Center and Delft University of Technology. link

Remote sensing data assimilation in modelling of urban dynamics. link

MAGIC, Regional PhD School based on Innovative HydroPlatform in Water and Environment to Enhance MAGhreb Inter-Research Centres. EU Erasmus project. Partners in Morocco, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Tunisia, and Algeria.