Erosion rates in landscape evolution reconstuctionΒΆ

Erosion is a major component of landscape evolution. However, erosion rates on timescales longer than single events are poorly understood which hamper the reconstruction of historic landscape development. Using novel techniques, you will generate a time-series of elevation models from historic satellite images of alpine regions and evaluate the historic erosion patterns. Detailed observations and elevation models are made in the field and if required, super-resolution elevation models will be collected using a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Furthermore, you will make an erosion model which is process-based and calibrated with field-data. The output of this model gives an overview the geomorphological changes in the area and show the changing hydrological situation.

Supervision: Wouter Marra, Derek Karssenberg (Utrecht University)

Location: French Alps

Period: to be determined

Number of students: 1 - 4

Program/track: Earth Surface Hydrology or Natural Hazards and Earth Observation or Coastal dynamics and fluvial systems

Prerequisites: courses in spatio-temporal modelling (preferably PCRaster Python), hydrology, geomorphology, and/or natural hazards (content of project can be adjusted to your background)

Contact/info: Wouter Marra ( or Derek Karssenberg (