Derek KarssenbergΒΆ

I develop and apply spatio-temporal modelling techniques to address questions related to earth surface systems. My first major research interest is the development of methods and tools for mechanistic, or process-based, spatio-temporal modelling. This research is done in cooperation with geoinformaticians working in the PCRaster research team. We currently focus on the development of formalisations and software frameworks for spatio-temporal models that are stochastic, three-dimensional, and/or coupled. To assimilate large emperical data sets, for instance from remote sensing, into these models, we develop frameworks for data assimilation. This software is distributed under the umbrella of PCRaster.

My second major research interest is to improve the understanding of earth surface systems, in particular their spatio-temporal behaviour. I try to answer fundamental questions by constructing numerial forward models of spatial systems. In many cases, these models consist of relatively simple rules that interact leading to sometimes complex behaviour of the system. I try to assimilate data into these models in order to make them more realistic. Currently I focus on earth surface systems studied in hydrology, geomorphology, ecology/eco-hydrology, and geography of health. This work is done in close cooperation with specialists in these fields.

As a staff member at the Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University (the Netherlands), I teach various modelling techniques to students in Physical Geography and Geographical Information Science. Emphasis is on spatio-temporal modelling, geostatistics, and hydrological modelling. I am also involved in a 4-weeks field course on geomorphology in the French Alpes.

Our PCRaster research team cooperates with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (USA) and international research institutes that use our software.

Current activities include:

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